It’s amazing how much I learn from each individual client that I help with their website, sometimes I feel like I should be paying them! I hope none of my clients read this blog post :-). I feel so lucky to have the opportunity be to be working a with an amazing life coach who has given me a new perspective on content marketing.  While working to get a content strategy set up for her website and social media, I suggested a content strategy calendar where we could plan out the different themes and messages, and organize everything before we start publishing anything. Normally when I tell my clients this they look at me funny and think that this really sounds complicated and way over their head.

Brilliant idea that I took from my client!

To my surprise when I followed up with her I was actually taken back at the fact that she had broken down the calendar to the four seasons and each of the four seasons had two or three core topics that we would cover. I thought it was a brilliant idea!

Adapting content to patterns that already exist in our lives

Coaching is based so much in personal development and growth that it makes sense that she would adapt her content to the ebb and flow of natural patterns in our lives. She explained to me that our human nature during fall and winter is to gather things and bring them in closer for that warm cozy feeling. During these seasons people are looking to enrich themselves and find ways to add depth and meaning to their lives. So she was planning to have content related to family, nurturing, and embracing during that period. The opposite is true during summer and spring for us. That is when most people go on vacation and do spring cleaning to get rid of the clutter and I look for ways to set themselves free and bring adventure into their life. This is the time of fun, discovery, and generally less serious. Thus the tone of the content would be in those particular topics and more lighthearted than for the fall and winter.

Fear your content strategy calendar no more!

I believe that his season approach to content marketing is terrific and while it may sound like a lot of extra work this is actually an excellent way to leverage existing life patterns to be more in tune with our natural flow of changes. While this particular client is in a very personal industry, I feel like this season approach to content marketing could be applied to other business models and is a great starter idea if you are completely lost when it comes time to populate a content strategy calendar of your own : )

 Think about how you could use this for YOUR content marketing efforts, perhaps you can incorporate it into your social media strategy? Take it as a good way to add a twist to your content and come up with ideas you would not have come up with otherwise!